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About Us

Fides Rae Insurance Company NV is incorporated in 2006 in Aruba. The company insures the employer for the risk of sickleave legal mandatory salary payment for the employee during a maximum of first two years of illness. Fides Rae operates in Aruba and obtained a license from the Central Bank of Aruba, the supervisor of the financial system, and is also registered at DNB (the Dutch Central Bank).

Fides Rae Insurance Company NV is an “captive insurance company”, that is an insurance company insuring or reinsuring risks exclusively or predominantly arising from the conduct of business or practice of members of enterprises associated in a group participants in a joint venture. A captive insurance company does not insure or reinsure any risks other than those of the participating institutions.

Our insurance agent is Ravil Intersurance B.V.

Ravil Intersurance B.V. is a financial services provider specialised in income provisions (employers’ and employees’ schemes) for companies. Ravil Intersurance B.V. is part of the Interfisc Group, a service provider that advises and supports companies established in and outside of the Netherlands in the field of HR solutions. The owner of the Interfisc Group is also the owner of Fides Rae, the sick leave insurer.

Ravil Intersurance B.V. advises and mediates in income related insurance for companies established in the Netherlands and abroad and their employees working in the Netherlands.

For more information about participating in our group insurance we refer you to our insurance broker: Ravil Intersurance BV, tel: (0031 70 3133060) or via