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Claim Process

Half way each quarter Fides Rae will pay the insurance claim over the previous quarter. If you have a claim, then Ravil will ask for the relevant sick leave overviews from the Health and Safety service (Interfisc Arbo BV) and the relevant payslips from your payroll administrator (for example Interfisc BV).

Please note: do you have another occupational health and safety service than Interfisc Arbo? Then you must submit the sick leave overviews of the previous quarter yourself to Ravil, within the first two weeks of the new quarter. Fides Rae will determine the justification of the to be paid benefit of the sick leave insurance, based upon the information of the sick leave overviews. If the benefit is justified, then Fides Rae will determine the amount of the benefit in accordance to the payslips.

Subsequently, Fides Rae will send you a specified payment notice via Ravil lntersurance BV. Finally, Fides Rae will pay the claim directly by bank transfer to your bank account.